Thursday Thoughts.
So to kick off TT I thought I’d share one of my favourite articles on the “unstretchable muscles!
There are many muscles you might not realise you can’t stretch, simply because the body doesn’t bend that way or there’s something in the way (like your body, ribs, etc). Stretching involves moving the origin and insertion ( the bits that attach at each end!) away from each other and sometimes that just isn’t possible.
For example there are 4 muscles in your quads, and when you do a quad stretch you are only stretching one (Rectus Femoris, it crosses both the hip and knee so you can get a stretch on this one.) To stretch the other 3, you’d have to snap the bone in your thigh (Not advised!!).
This is why I’m a big fan of using stretching and foam rolling together to keep muscles loose😀.

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