Thursday Thoughts #2

I see a lot of knee pain (especially in runners and cyclists) and a lot of the time it comes down to tight quads!

You can see from the picture below that the quads all insert into the knee, and if one of them is tighter than another, or they’re all tight then the knee cap gets pulled off its runner and grinds bone on bone which is pretty uncomfortable!

It’s a nice easy one to fix, and the sooner you get it seen to the less damage that will be done. Sports massage and foam rollers are your friend for this one -if you were paying attention last week you’ll know you can’t stretch most of the quad muscles. Make sure you’re hitting that part between the front of your quad and the ITB, it’s an easy one to miss but one of the biggest culprits of knee pain.

If you’re experiencing knee pain and want any advice feel free to send me a message:).Quadriceps_3D.gif

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