Fresh AboutCatherine Scott-Dodd (Sports Massage)

Catherine is a fully qualified sports massage therapist who incorporates deep tissue, myofascial release and assisted stretching techniques in her practice. Catherine aims to ensure clients stay injury and pain free.

Catherine has experience working with a wide range of athletes, including JKS Scotland (The Scottish Karate Headquarters), runners, boxers, weightlifters, rowers and golfers. She has also worked with many musicians and dancers. With a strong interest in posture and mobility, Catherine is keen to continue working with those suffering postural discomfort, caused by desk based roles and alternately those with physically demanding jobs.

After being bitten by the running bug several years ago, which lead to an interest in other sporting areas including weightlifting and yoga, Catherine found herself driven to help those who were suffering discomfort and injury from their favourite activities. With experience working in a retail fitness environment, analysing gait and recommending appropriate footwear and insoles, Catherine further developed her experience with remedying pain and injuries.

Catherine is available at FRESH every Tuesday and Friday

Farah McAdam (Sports massage therapist)

Farah qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2018. She provides sport/deep tissue and holistic massage to people from all backgrounds, from professional athletes to weekend warriors, and she provides massage in corporate settings, including office chair massage and head and neck massage. She holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has spent several years working as a mechanical engineer.

She is an enthusiastic sportsperson, actively training and competing in Muay Thai, and enjoying other sports such as climbing and aerial silks in her spare time. Her increasing involvement in sports and activity motivated a career change from engineering to massage therapy, with the goal of working in an environment she is passionate about, alongside people who share similar interests.

Farah takes a practical approach to sports massage treatment, incorporating assisted mobilisations and trigger point therapy. She also has an interest in how muscular and postural imbalances can lead to pain and injury over time, and enjoys aiding athletes who face musculoskeletal issues due to participation in sports with asymmetrical movement patterns.

Farah is now working alongside the team at FRESH Sports Massage, and is available on Saturday afternoons.

IMG-20191107-WA0000.jpgLisa Mannion (Sports Massage Therapist)

I am a fully qualified sports remedial therapist, who uses a combination of myofascial stripping, neuromuscular trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, mobilizations and retraction of joints to increase ROM, reduce pains and allow for a quicker recovery from injuries.My qualification in Sports Science allows me to focus on prehab and rehab for clients and creating programs to aid them in their recovery.
I have experience working with all types of athletes from marathon runners, rowers, weightlighters, powerlifters, boxers and high level rugby players.
I currently work with a rugby team assessing, treating and preventing the players injuries.

As someone who leads an active life including running, hill walking, and weightlifting I know the importance of keeping yourself healthy and injury free.

Lisa is available in FRESH every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.