“I was first told about Fresh Sports Massage by a friend in the music industry. I’d been away on tour and all the driving had given me quite a lot of pain in my lower back. I was really impressed by the level of professionalism and care delivered by Catherine during our time together. It was my first experience of massage and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.”  – Eddie



“About 25 years ago I injured my back.  Since that date I have been to countless physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.  I even had acupuncture with the NHS.  Although each of the professions  has helped none of them have made any significant difference to my back and I just assumed that it was something I would have to live with and get on with it.  About 8 months ago I trapped a nerve in my shoulder which is a direct result of my back injury.  I went to Catherine as the person that I would normally go to was on holiday.  Two treatments released the nerve and I noticed that my back felt easier.  I have continued to see Catherine and go once a month and the results are amazing.  I have so much more freedom of movement in my back and shoulders as well as a significant decrease in general neck and shoulder muscle tension. I have already recommended her to others.” – Richard


“I recently saw Catherine and she was great! I was in with her for an hour and she listened to what I said regarding the ache I had. Catherine paid special attention to the area and worked hard on it. As I was getting the massage Catherine talked me through what she would do and how it will ease the tension that was built up in my shoulder. Once finished Catherine gave some brilliant advice on stretching. Couldn’t have asked for a better and will visit again.” – Natalie

“I went to see Catherine around a month ago with back pain. She was extremely friendly and professional throughout the massage as well as passing on some advice and tips for future self treatment to do at home. I would highly recommend her to anyone in future.” – Chris

“I was recommended Catherine by a friend as i was having forearm pains through the stresses of being a musician. Catherine was very professional and released the tension in my arms, also providing exercises to help keep the muscles loose in the future.” –  Sarah

“This Girl knows her stuff. Highly recommended. Best Sports Massage. You want to see Catherine. Get yourself booked in” – Kevin

“Whether you’re looking for typical massage or have problem areas that need worked on then you’re in good hands with Catherine! She has an ability to make you feel completely comfortable whilst still maintaining her professional nature. I have never been disappointed after a session with her, and she has worked wonders on my knee to help reduce the stress that my weights training has put it under.”  – Hannah