Gluteus Medius

This week we’re looking at strengthening the gluteus medius and I’ve got a rundown of 3 exercises you can add in to keep it happy

Try to do as many as you can and gradually increase the number you can do, when you lose the form and start tilting the hips back etc then you know you’ve exhausted the muscle. Do this daily and you should see a difference in your ITB issues

IT Band and Gluteus Medius

The ITB isn’t a muscle, it’s a sheet of fascia that runs up the side of the leg from knee to hip so it can’t be stretched. This is why some research is coming out saying it isn’t worth foam rolling the ITB, however I think it’s still worth it to break down any adherences in it but focus most of your energy (and pain threshold😬) on easing out tension in the glutes.

Lower Leg Muscles

This week we’re looking at muscles of the lower leg. Usually the calves are King here and the other muscles don’t get a look in when you’re stretching/ foam rolling but they get tight too!

I see a lot of people who think they’ve injured their ankle, but if there wasn’t an incident where they hurt it it’s often tightness that’s pulling on the bones/ tendons causing pain. Ease out the tension and you’re sorted🤗

Quads and Hip Flexors

This week we’re looking at stretching out the hip flexors and quads that give so many people problems (I’m looking at you runners, cyclists and office workers).

If you’re feeling a stretch without bringing the other knee up into the proposal stance then hang tight there, it’s more important to engage the glute to keep that pelvis tilted forward and feel the stretch!

Originally posted 13th Feb 2017

Shoulders and Upper Back

So the much promised mobility/ stretching videos are finally filmed and here’s the first one: a look at how to ease tension and pain the shoulders and upper back. Easily my most asked question! Hold the pressure on each area for 10 seconds and try and relax the muscle- easier said than done when it’s uncomfortable!

Originally posted 31st Jan 2017