First personal training session
In your first session you will have a consultation regarding your training history and goals, and an assessment of your strength and flexibility. You will be advised on some changes to make to your current exercise routine to help you towards your goals, and you will receive a basic exercise prescription to follow.

Follow up personal training sessions
In follow up personal training sessions you will have advanced coaching on mobility and strength training. You will perfect your lifting technique and develop a greater understanding of how best to structure your workouts. There will be continual exercise adaptation and progression week to week, and you will receive a personalised training programme to follow between sessions.

Core classes
The core classes will give you a small group personal training experience. You will be guided through a series of exercises that help you improve your core strength and balance. These classes are suitable for pre-natal women in their first trimester and women 6 months post-natal.
Wednesdays 7am -8am and 11am – 12am